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The Super Greens Extract Blend is a potent combination of 20 herbs, fruits, vegetables, berries, and mushrooms. Enjoy all the health-assisting benefits superfoods provide with these green supplements.

Enhance Immune Defense - Each raspberry flavored gummy is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that are known to help your body defend against external stressors. Keep your immune system functioning at its best with the help of our immune defense 8greens gummies.

Great For Gut Health - Don't let stomach pains ruin your day. Our greens and superfoods gummies contain prebiotics and probiotics which work together in encouraging the growth of beneficial flora in your digestive tract, promoting healthy digestion.

Easy To Chew - Not a fan of swallowing tablets, capsules, or pills every day? Our fruit and veggie supplement is available in broccoli-shaped chewable gummies, each one  bursting with a goli good natural raspberry flavor that your taste buds will love.

Our Supergreens Gummies contain 60 mg of Vitamin C, 13 mcg of Vitamin D2, .7 mg of Vitamin B6, 6.7 mcg of Vitamin B12, 1.3 mg of Pantothenic Acid, 3.3 mg of Zinc, 7 mg of Sodium, 200 mg of Supergreens Extract Blend, 34 mg of Prebiotic + Probiotic Digestive Blend, 15 Calories, 4 g of Total Carbohydrates and 3 g of Total Sugars.
Chew 2 gummies once daily as a dietary supplement, or as directed by a qualified health care professional.

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I started using the supergreens gummies a few weeks ago. They're cute and they have massive benefits in terms of micronutrients, however I'm not fond of the flavor or texture of the product.

Billy B.

Great gummy option for bariatric patients and tasty!!

I ordered all three of these gummy vitamins in the picture. I was surprised at how good they tasted. Not going to lie, I thought I'd have to hold my breath to get them down like I do other gummy vitamins after having bariatric surgery, but they actually were really tasty! The little broccoli's are adorable, too, by the way. With the Super Green gummies I've noticed improvements in my digestion and back to having regular bowel movements. My nails feel and look healthier and I have lots of baby hairs/hair regrowth . What I've found them most beneficial for me is the lack of fluid retention and bloat that I'm experiencing. I've also lost a few founds and think the gummies may be playing into that. I definitely will be purchasing another months worth. Great product! Delicious taste. Great customer service.

Denise J.

Great taste

This product, along with all of the other Atlantis Nutrition products that I have tried (4 others) is awesome. It is a great way for me to get my greens in as the taste is amazing compared to all of the other greens products I've tried!

D S.

Love the green's gummies

The combination of spinach, broccoli, moringa, beet root, celery, green tea, and acai in these gummies is impressive. Not only does it make for a delicious treat, but it's also a powerhouse of nutrients that my body craves. I've noticed a significant improvement in my overall energy levels since starting these supplements.One of the best things about Supergreens Gummies is the convenience. No need to mix powders or choke down bitter greens; these gummies are a tasty and effortless way to get your daily dose of essential greens. Plus, they are a fantastic way to support my immune system, which is crucial, especially in today's world.


Helps with bloating

I love these! I'm able to get in my greens intake for the day and they taste good.

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