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Ashwagandha relieves stress, improves sleep, boosts energy levels, and strengthens the immune system. We formulated these delicious gummies with Vitamin D & Zinc for added daily benefits! 

Extra Strength Expertly Crafted With 1500 MG Of Ashwagandha To Ensure Maximum Potency & Efficacy Of Our Anxiety Relief Gummies!

Stress Relief and Relaxation - Medical Studies Have Proven That The Use Of Ashwagandha Helps Lowers Cortisol Which Reduces Stress Levels & Improves Relaxation.

Peaceful Sleep - Ashwagandha Creates A Calming Effect Which Settles The Nerves & Soothes The Body. This Allows For A Restful Night’s Sleep & Pleasant Morning.

Powerful Formulation - Formulated With Vitamin D & Zinc Which When Combined Helps Strengthen The Immune System, Maintains Healthy Bones & Boosts Energy.

Made In The USA - These Delicious Gummies Are Proudly Manufactured In The USA. Atlantis Nutrition Believes In Providing Our Loyal Customers The Absolute Best Quality Products With The Purest Ingredients.
Our Ashwagandha Gummies contain 50 mg of Ashwagandha Extract, 4 mg of Zinc, and 200 mcg of Vitamin D.
Chew 2 gummies once daily as a dietary supplement, or as directed by a qualified health care professional.

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